6 Profitable Home Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Los Gatos Home

6 Profitable Home Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Los Gatos Home

If you’re looking to sell your Los Gatos home, the right upgrades can significantly increase buyers' willingness to pay for a home without much extra cost for the seller. That's why The Pulpan Brothers Group has put together this list of desirable upgrades for people looking at homes for sale in Los Gatos.

Make a good first impression

Potential buyers judge a home the moment they step through the front door, so it pays to make a stellar first impression. Installing a new door may increase security and save on heating and cooling bills. It will also enhance the visual appeal. If the existing door of a home is in disrepair or subpar quality, opt for an updated energy-efficient replacement; otherwise, liven up its look with some fresh paint.

When selecting a front door for a home, choose something that complements the property and neighborhood. But don't be afraid to take risks — express the home’s personality with an unexpected color or design. A daring option will add character to this key focal point.

Increase curb appeal

A fading paint job will lead buyers to think about the repairs they'll have to make and not about the value of a home. If a home has decent exterior paint, focus on reviving its exterior by repainting or replacing the trim.

To elevate the home's appeal, painting it with a hue that blends seamlessly with the rest of the neighborhood or replacing the siding entirely are projects that will pay off. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, opt for neutrals or darker hues, or go for something more natural to reflect the personality of San Mateo, like an earthy tone.

Take care of minor exterior upgrades

Rustic outdoor lights may have fit with the home’s style before the new paint job. However, anything that doesn't fit with recent exterior changes must be updated.

To make a home look modern and up-to-date, replace existing features such as the mailbox, address numbers, and exterior lights with contemporary designs to boost its appeal. When updating home decor, ensure that whatever is chosen aligns with the overall style. However, by adding a few modern touches to a house, potential buyers can get an idea of what it could become. Select fresh lines and colors that are versatile enough for most paint shades or styles.

Paint the interior

Fresh paint is the quickest and most affordable way to increase property value and yield higher returns. It instantly modernizes a house, conceals marks or blemishes, and gives any space a clean finish that makes buyers feel like they are walking into an entirely new home instead of one that is lived in. With fresh paint, a home glows, (both figuratively and literally), providing sellers with even more rewards in the long run.

When selecting the interior paint color, select a warm and neutral hue that complements the home. If an expert realtor like EJ Pulpan and Josh Pulpan have arranged for a home to be staged, discuss painting a color that will go well with professional staging. This will ensure cohesion in both design and palette throughout the home. Neutral shades like white, gray, greige, beige, or light tan are foolproof choices — they provide an inviting blank canvas while making smaller spaces appear larger.

Update appliances

If appliances are close to the end of their lives, take the opportunity to transform the kitchen and give it a fresh look with stainless steel appliances. It's the most sought-after option and fits in seamlessly with any future updates. Avoid colored appliances; they can instantly make a room seem much older than it is. By putting in new appliances, sellers add value to the home.

It pays to be ahead of the curve and spruce up outdated appliances. Potential buyers may factor their own replacements into their offer price, so why not beat them to it? Specifically consider updating the stove, microwave, or hood, as well as the dishwasher.

Spruce up cabinetry

Refresh kitchen cabinets to match the rest of the house's style. White cabinets are a great option due to their modern, contemporary look and they give potential buyers an inviting starting point when viewing the space. Avoid beige, yellow, or taupe tones, as these can appear dated. To ensure that cabinet refinishing lasts for years, strip, clean, sand, and paint them correctly.

As refinishing work is done, coordinate the color and style of cabinet pulls, handles, and knobs with any other changes for a finished look.

Update the bathroom cabinetry to match the kitchen with a few simple updates. Refresh doors, drawers, and veneers; then swap out knobs and handles for an upgrade. Stick to the same color palette between both rooms so the house comes together as one cohesive space. If time is limited for refinishing cabinets and sellers are working with a small vanity anyways, it may be worth considering more cost-effective replacements instead of restoration efforts.

Bathrooms allow sellers to add modern decor that larger rooms don't provide. Keep it clean and neutral while seeking up-to-date trends that fit the house's overall style — but remember not to go too over-the-top.

Sell Your Los Gatos Home

Sellers looking to upgrade the value of their home for the best return on their investment on homes for sale in Los Gatos have all the above options and more at their disposal. It’s not hard to get large returns on minor investments if sellers know what attracts buyers and makes them take a long, hard look at a property.

If you're selling a home in the Los Gatos area, contact EJ and Josh Pulpan at The Pulpan Brothers Group today to learn how to make the most of your sale.

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